Worthington's Creamflow 4pk

Worthington's Creamflow 4pk

William Worthington founded his brewery in Burton in 1761. with a reputation for brewing the finest quality ales, using only the purest water, Worthington's grew nationally.

Worthington's Creamflow is a more characterful ale. It pours with a luxurious creamy swirl created by the thousands of tiny bubbles that set it apart from the rest of the Worthington's ales family. Once the bubbles clear, they reveal a bright chestnut coloured beer toned by a thick, creamy head to create a memorably smooth drinking experience.

Tasting Notes:  Superbly creamy, with velvety hints of rich buttered malt loaf, chilled malted milk and banana split in every sip. Intensified with liquorice notes, nutty toffee, and a basket of mixed fruits.

ABV: 3.6%.

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